SUPER REAL EDITION: Letters to the future

Open your senses to the immortal Exquisite Corpse game and let your subconscious explore the legacies left by traditional art movements

0x Society, the first crypto art gallery in Canada, is celebrating its one year anniversary in May 2022. In collaboration with Exquisite Workers, a groundbreaking and independent artists collective from Barcelona, they present Super Real Edition: Letters to the future. We intend to explore what the future holds for the world’s digital creatives through the eyes of the Surrealists. This exhibit will be presented exclusively at 0x Society’s crypto art gallery in Montreal in May and June 2022. It will also be available in the Metaverse via our online gallery in

This exhibit will present twelve unique NFTs in the form of an “Exquisite Corpse”. Exquisite Corpse was a famous game played among the great Surrealists in which each participant took turns writing or drawing within templates. They then would conceal their contribution and pass it on to the next player for further contribution. They used to do it on a sheet of paper by folding it, but now, we can use the vast possibilities of the digital medium as a reference to keep the tradition alive.

The Super Real Edition showcases a group of renowned international digital artists, including Ismail Amir (Malaysia), Hirofumi Ito (Japan), Ivan Casis (Panama), Nils Hansen (Germany), Juan Carlos Polo (Cuba), Fernanda Fierro (Mexico), David Durà (Spain), Isaac Malakkai (Spain), Elisyan (Mexico), Jose Peon (Cuba), Roger Haus (Spain), Anna Dart (Spain).

While cherishing the legacies left by traditional art movements, we open our senses to the immortal Exquisite Corpse game to  undertake an exciting journey through the subconscious.

Known for their outstanding collective artworks gracing the most prestigious digital art shows and fronting global charity campaigns, Exquisite Workers were on a meaningful digital mission in outer space to create 504 unique NFTs from May 2021 to May 2022, with the last twelve NFTs to be revealed on the Super Real Edition. For each edition, one Surrealist artist was assigned to the crew. On this ultimate mission, all the great Surrealist masters come together to shine light on their imagination of cosmic proportions.

In a couple weeks, they will finish their grandiose interstellar mission and you are cordially invited to celebrate eccentricity, knowledge and culture with them as they celebrate their two-year anniversary and 0x Society’s one-year anniversary.

If Salvador Dalí had been able to navigate the NFT space, what sort of art would he have made? Would he have collaborated with Frida Kahlo? Would they have been whitelisted for Picasso’s exclusive NFT collection? 

Exquisite Workers has selected a group of talented artists to answer these questions. They are about to land on Super Real to release the last twelve sophisticated artworks, each inspired by a grand Surrealist. These visionaries contributed to the chain of stunning 2D and 3D images without seeing the NFTs created before theirs, adding to a connecting block in real time within the Exquisite Corpse. 

While the artists are in outer space, 0x Society welcomes you to explore the art in the very heart of Montreal, at their crypto art gallery.

The Super Real is known as a digital agora and a safe haven beyond the rational thoughts and the everyday desires to explore, inspire and feel the echo of the heartbeat of the Earth. The Super Real represents the skull of immortality, and the snake of transformation, rebirth and creative force embraces it in a mindful silence. 



All NFTs will be released exclusively on the SuperRare marketplace on April 28th, 2022 with a starting price of 5ETH each. 

All collectors on the primary market will also receive a physical token with their purchase – a physical print of the NFT. 

Properties of the NFTs are 2480×2480 MP4 + 2480×2480 JPG. 

By bidding on, purchasing or otherwise obtaining a blockchain-based non-fungible token created by Exquisite Workers, LLC, you are agreeing to the Exquisite Workers NFT Terms available here. For more information, visit Exquisite Workers on Earth and check the special conditions to be entered into a draw. 



Founded by Roger Haus and Anna Dart, Exquisite Workers celebrates and inspires the freedom of the human spirit and cultural heritage through digital art and the famous Surrealist Exquisite Corpse game. Since 2020, Exquisite Workers has been highlighting internationally diverse artists in a longest chain of art released daily on Instagram and connecting creators, brands and internationally acclaimed global projects with a focus on social causes and female empowerment. Featured at Digital Art Week Beijing, Global NFT Summit, NFT.NYC, WOW Summit Dubai and front page of OpenSea, Exquisite Workers has become a DigitalArt4Climate co-creator and the first to bring NFTs and Metaverse to the UN offices. 

Learn more about Exquisite Workers by clicking here


0x Society is a non profit organization based in Canada and focused on the promotion, diffusion and support of the crypto art movement. They are a carbon-negative organization. It is the first crypto art center in Canada, offering not only highly curated in-person and virtual exhibitions, but also thorough educational content and generous grant programs for artists. Their gallery is located on the historic site of New City Gas, in Montreal. The organization has a leading role in educating the community about blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens and crypto art through the 0x Academy. 

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