0x Society is a Canadian non profit dedicated to enabling the digital art renaissance by promoting, diffusing and supporting the crypto art movement. đź’Ž

We opened the first crypto art gallery in Canada, offering not only highly curated in-person and virtual exhibitions, but also thorough educational content with 0x Academy and generous grant programs for artists.

The entrance is free and we also have a lounge where you can grab drinks with your friends. 

We are located at 950, rue Ottawa, on the historic site of New City Gas, in Montreal. 

We also offer private guided tours for free. To make a booking, simply send us a request by email to info@0xsociety.com including your full name and the date and time when you would like to come by.

To get all the ins and out of our events and exhibitions, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

Here’s more ways you can be part of 0x Society:

  •  Volunteer
  •  Participate in 0x grants program
  • Apply to be exhibited at the gallery

The goal of our grants program is to help artists create their first NFT and navigate this industry. 

This grant is for Canadian artists only and includes many perks: an invitation to Foundation NFT marketplace, a crypto art mentor, seminars, a week-end long exhibition at our Montreal Gallery, and the payment of all of your listing and minting fees for the NFT you create. 

Each edition lasts for two months, at the end of which artists will be invited to present their NFT at our gallery in Montreal. 

To apply to the next edition, please send your art portfolio and social media links to grants@0xsociety.com

If you would like to organise a private event at our gallery, please email us at info@0xsociety.com with your name and the event proposition.

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

We are always looking for volunteers and collaborators! If you are interested in getting involved in any of these positions, e-mail us at info@0xsociety.com

  •  Community Moderator/Manager
  • Content Creators (blogs and social medias)
  • Ambassadors
  •  Academy Specialists

There is street parking or underground parking at these locations: 

  •  158, rue Shannon
  • 75, rue Queen

The artworks in our gallery are displayed on commercial 55” screens. They carry a built-in processor to render the highest quality. Each piece is further calibrated to its own colours, textures and tones to offer our visitors the ultimate experience of the digital artwork.

Every 2 months, we present a new curated and themed crypto art exhibition.

At the moment, we only accept Canadian artists in the grants program. As a Canadian non profit, our main goal is to give back to our community and we thought the grants program was a good way to do so. 

However, our exhibitions feature artists from all around the globe.

Every 2 months, we launch a new themed show where we handpick 12 artists whose artistic style fits the exhibition's aesthetic. 

When selecting artists, we look for a variety of criterias: 

  • Style and aesthetic
  • Quality of the work 
  • Floor price and number of NFTs sold to date
  • Background and reputation 
  • Collector base
  • Presence on NFT marketplaces

If you’re interested in being part of a future exhibition, feel free to send us your portfolio at
exhibit@0xsociety.com. To be considered, your application must also include your social media links and your profiles on NFT marketplaces. 

We are based in Montreal, Canada and our crypto art gallery is located at 950, rue Ottawa.

« 0x » is the prefix to all Ethereum addresses, which is necessary to buy NFTs. This prefix is used in code language to indicate that a number is written in Hexadecimal format, which is a system of numerical notation where the base is 16 instead of 10. 

The term « Society » comes from Société Anonyme, which was founded in 1920 by French painter Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp fought for the acceptance of modern art for his whole life, just as we are fighting for the acceptance of digital art. We also wanted 0x Society to feel like a community or a collective for artists and collectors to connect in the physical world.

It's free!

NFTs on display at the gallery can be purchased from the artist directly on the NFT marketplaces used by the artists. We showcase their work, but we don’t sell them to you directly at the gallery. You will need to create a marketplace account first as a collector, and then buy cryptocurrency (ether) to purchase an NFT. We can definitely assist you with this procedure.

When we first got into NFTs back in early 2021, we felt like the community was so small in Montreal! We wanted to help our friends, family, as well as artists and collectors understand what NFTs were.

That’s when we launched 0x Academy (link in bio), a free resource to learn everything about NFTs. A couple months later, we had the chance to partner with New City Gas and Produkt to open the first NFT gallery in Canada! 

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that, but we consider ourselves very lucky to be surrounded and supported by so many great people. We now have 4 employees helping us and we can’t wait to grow this community even more!