Côte 2 Coast

Une exposition pour présenter les talents canadiens en art crypto, d'un océan à l'autre.

Launch Date: August 25, 2021

End Date: October 31st, 2021

Canada’s first crypto art centre, 0x Society, is proud to present Côte 2 Coast, its second exhibition in collaboration with SuperRare and Produkt. Pursuing our mission to enable the diffusion of crypto art, this exhibition showcases some of our nation’s best crypto artists: Aeforia, Ayla El-Moussa, Callen Schaub, Cath Simard, Donglu Yu, Jonathan Wolfe, Maalavidaa, Michael Sidofsky, Nikolai Fletcher, Ryan Koopmans, Tim Riopelle and Vini Naso.

The featured group’s distinctive creations will highlight Canada’s diversity in artistic style through digital expression. From August 25th, 0x Society will present an in-person exhibition at its NFT Gallery located in Montreal, Canada. Each NFT piece will be available for purchase to collectors around the world on SuperRare, and some collectors will also receive an Infinite Objects frame of the NFT from the artist. This exhibition will also take place on Spatial.io as a virtual experience, where visitors will be able to interact with each other live as avatars.

Reflecting Canada’s vast cultural diversity, Côte 2 Coast aims to unify our nation’s diversifying artistic digital practices and styles. From abstract to conceptual approaches, 3D animation, digital painting, or photography; endless digital possibilities are unified into our physical space. The featured creations mirror our nation’s amplitude in cultures, experiences, voices and stories. Digital-based exhibitions have a powerful representative way of showcasing the pluri-cultural fabric of the Canadian people. We also wish to recognize the indigenous origins of Turtle Island and the colonial history, forging what we now understand as “Canada”. The digital sphere is envisioned as a redeeming space for post-contemporary conceptions around what being Canadian means today. Without attempting to oversimplify the Canadian experience, the Côte 2 Coast exhibition aims to honour and cherish Canada’s expanding diversity and multiplicity.

Artists Names Title of the Artworks Sold artworks + Price Profile links
Aeforia A Necessary Evil - https://www.instagram.com/aeforia/
Tim Riopelle The Afterburn 1.85 ETH https://www.instagram.com/timriopelle/
Vini Naso Gift of Fire 6 ETH https://www.instagram.com/vininaso/