Proudly Encoded

August 3, 2023 → August 19, 2023

An exhibition decoding queer expression in digital art


0x Society, in collaboration with Produkt and SuperRare, is proud to present Proudly Encoded, a groundbreaking exhibit celebrating the queer artists who have fearlessly claimed their space in the crypto art world. The exhibition features a diverse lineup of talented creators, including Zak Krevitt, Dawnia Darkstone aka Letsglitchit, GlitchOfMind, Aria Faith Jones, Planttdaddii, Nicole Ruggiero, Jason Ebeyer, Carter Robertson and Yosnier.

The term “coded” holds a poignant history for the queer community. In times gone by, to avoid persecution and ostracization, many LGBTQ+ individuals communicated through subtle and concealed coded language. Today, the word takes on an empowering meaning as Proudly Encoded showcases art that openly celebrates the rich tapestry of queer identities. With pride at the forefront, this exhibit uses the language of art to narrate stories of love, acceptance, and freedom.

In an era of digital ubiquity, Proudly Encoded reclaims the term “coding” by exploring how artists encode their experiences, emotions, and identities into the digital space. Within the blockchain, this exhibit uncovers the layers of queer narratives, interwoven through pixels and encrypted into the very fabric of each art piece. It symbolises the transition from subtle historical codes to loud, proud, and vibrant expressions.

“ As we embrace the spectrum of identities, we also recognize the digital transformation of art. Crypto art allows for a boundless space where creativity thrives. From non-binary expressions to tales of self-discovery, the art pieces in Proudly Encoded serve as unique transactions in the ledger of human experiences. ” – Carter Robertson, artist and curator of Proudly Encoded

This exhibit also raises important questions about representation in the crypto art space. As the queer community continues to fight for visibility and inclusion, what role does crypto art play in shaping perceptions and narratives? The digital space, with its limitless borders, offers an unprecedented canvas for LGBTQ+ artists to encode their pride for the world to see.

Proudly Encoded resonates beyond the walls of the historic site of New City Gas. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a statement and homage to the evolution of queer coding. From the shadows of subtle communication to the prismatic colors of self-affirmation, this collection of artworks exemplifies the ever-changing yet unbreakable spirit of the queer community.

Join us in celebrating triumphs, acknowledging struggles, and experiencing rich diversity through art that is Proudly Encoded. Together, we will decode the layers and revel in the beauty and pride embedded in each creation.