Color, Balance & Emotion

An exhibition to experience a realm of surreal visions and poetic contrasts​.

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The Wild Within

An exhibition to explore the worlds created by Ryan Koopsman’s genesis NFT series “The Wild Within."


Côte 2 Coast

An exhibition to showcase Canadian talent in crypto art, from coast to coast.

Anxiety, but make it RGB

A crypto art exhibition to explore the complexity of emotions through the full spectrum of colours.

Realms of Mind

An exhibit to explore the human psyche through art.


Open your senses to the immortal Exquisite Corpse game and let your subconscious explore the legacies left by traditional art movements.

Circular Stories

An exhibit to explore the captivating world of endless loops through the use of storytelling and mesmerizing digital art.


An exhibition to explore environmental preservation in the digital age.



An exhibition to celebrate life resuming its course, along with the bloom of summer.

Digital Abstaction

An exhibit to explore the abstract expressionism tradition and its implication in the new digital art movement.


An exhibition tapping into artificial intelligence and its integration with the human race.